Information about hospital waiting times

The information shown is only to be used as a guide. The data cannot tell you where you are on the waiting list. Its aim is to help you better understand how long people are waiting for services provided by each Local Health Board. It is important to bear in mind:

It is important that you are supported to keep yourself well whilst you wait. Add To Your Life is an online, personal health assessment that provides you with lots of valuable, tailored information developed to help you get the best from your NHS treatment. Taking action now to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing will not only reduce the risk of any complications during your treatment, but it will also benefit your recovery and long-term health, getting you feeling better sooner. To complete your health assessment today, visit:

You can visit the Waiting Well, Live Well and Health A-Z pages of this website. Your local health board’s website may also have further information and help.

Health Boards

Please select the health board you have been referred to, or are under the care of, from the list below.