• Bronglais General Hospital - Emergency Department

    Caradog Road


    SY23 1ER

    Tel: 01970 623131

    Disabled Access: Yes

    Website: http://hduhb.nhs.wales/healthcare/hospitals-and-centres/hospitals/bronglais-hospital/

    Is this service available in Welsh?: The Health Board welcomes correspondence and telephone calls in Welsh or English. The website can also be translated into Welsh by clicking 'Cymraeg' on the desired webpage.

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  • Normal Opening Hours

  • Services Offered

    Service does: 24 Hour Availability
    Service does: A&E (Emergency Department)
    Service does: Access to Fracture Clinic
    Service does: Access to Language Line or Translation Service
    Service does: Doctor Led Clinic
    Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
    Service does: Manipulation Of Fractures Dislocation
    Service does: Maternity/Midwifery Services
    Midwife Led Unit can be contacted on 01970 635633.
    Service does: Nurse Led Service
    Service does: Paediatric In Patient Service
    Service does: PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV
    Service does: Plastering
    Service does: Suturing
    Service does: Tetanus Vaccination
    Service does: X-Rays

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